There are so many vacation choices available for people to choose from. If you want solitude and time to yourself, staying at home or renting out a cabin might be suitable for you. Some people enjoy their vacations with their friends or family in order to spend time with them. Other people enjoy staying outside at a campsite whereas other people prefer to stay inside. Some people might choose to travel far away while other people might stick to travelling locally. However, there is one type of vacation that can remain fun no matter how old you are: whale watching. Whale watching can provide an unforgettable experience for any one of any age. Before you choose to go whale watching, though, you should first understand what exactly whale watching can entail.

What Is Whale Watching?

As the name might suggest, Sydney whale watching involves going on a boat out into the ocean in the hopes of spotting some whales. People of all ages can enjoy whale watching. For younger children, seeing a whale for the first time can be a mesmerising experience. As people grow older, it can still be fascinating to watch the enormous, majestic whales in their natural habitat. It can also be fun to learn more about whales and why they do what they do. For example, a major part of whale watching is looking out for specific behaviours that the whales exhibit and understanding what they mean. If you see the whale’s tail slap the water, known as a tail slap, it is often a warning issued by the whale. Other behaviours, such as pectoral fin slapping, are believed to be a means of communication between whales. It can also serve as a way to remove any parasites from the pectoral fins. Another behaviour that you might see is known as the “tail fluke up dive” and it can be seen as the underside of the whale’s tail appearing out of the water and slowly rolling in an upward arch underwater as the whale dives deeper.

The most iconic whale watching behaviour that people want to see is known as breaching. This is when the whale uses its tail to propel itself out of the water, landing with an enormous splash. Breaching is believed to be a method of communication or perhaps a way for the whale to rid its whole body of parasites. It is not quite fully understood by professionals but everybody can understand that it is one of the most desired parts of whale watching. Despite the appeal that whale watching might have, you will have to keep several things in mind.

What Should You Know?

Professionals who work on whale watching tours cannot control the whales. There might be a chance that you can see every behaviour that a whale exhibits but there is also a chance that you might not see anything. After all, whales are creatures with minds of their own. Being able to watch them act naturally in their habitat is a chance that many people do not get particularly often in their lives. If you have the chance to go whale watching, you should take it as it can be an experience that you might never forget.

Dominic Joseph

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