Australia is a massive country with a relatively small population, which is steadily growing, aided in part by immigrants coming from around the world to live and work, with an opportunity in time to become permanent residents and citizens. Many arrive as foreign staff for a local subsidiary, while others come seeking work in a range of industries, including mining, offshore oil and gas and fishing. Contrary to some beliefs, Australia encourages unskilled as well as skilled migrants, especially if they are prepared to move to regional areas where labour is short. The mining sector for example needs skilled personnel, such as pilots, geologists and trained medical staff, along with labourers, plant operators and truck drivers. Some jobs are highly sought after, while in other areas there simply aren’t enough Australians willing or available to take on the tough jobs. This does not mean though that being granted a visa is a simple task, as Australia has very strict immigration regulations.

Applying for a Visa

It is perfectly acceptable to apply for a migrant visa without any assistance, but the process is lengthy, complicated and arduous, often taking many months to complete. Application fees are relatively costly, and under normal circumstances such fees are nor refunded if your application is rejected. A significant number of applications are delayed or refused, often due to a single error or typo, or simply because a question wasn’t properly understood. This can mean a great deal of time and money gets wasted on a fruitless application. For those who are serious about migrating permanently, utilising the services of an Immigration lawyer makes very good sense.

Immigration Lawyers

Some people seeking to come to Australia make the mistake of assuming that everything will be fairly simple and straightforward, if a little slow, and feel using an immigration lawyer is an unnecessary added expense. Nothing however could be further from the truth. If you are investing in your future, then you need to be doing things absolutely perfectly and ensure your application has the greatest possible chance of success. Because an immigration lawyer does not practice in any other field, he has continuous cases crossing his desk every day, and is absolutely up to date with every single change in the rules. They know how to comb through your submission and can spot and correct any problem before it is submitted, dramatically improving your chances of being successful.

Understanding Australia

Opportunities for migrants exist nationwide, though it is in Western Australia where a significant number lie. One of the most important aspects of an application is in understanding a little bit about the country, the climate, which can be quite extreme in the middle of summer, along with the geographical nature of where the jobs for which you are suitably qualified are located. Perth especially is a marvellous city, with its infrastructure built with the long term future in mind, meaning even at busy times of day, traffic jams are a rarity. Australia offers great opportunities for those looking to carve out a new life for themselves, as many who have applied successfully have discovered.

Opening a dialogue with an immigration lawyer is a sensible first step in understanding the country, the culture and above all the requirements to help your application be a successful one.

Dominic Joseph

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