Hotel booking has never been easier and with abundant options and numerous platforms for booking, it is like a race for the best deal and the amount of discounts we receive nowadays is crazy. Direct booking of the hotel has been greatly reduced due to the increased number of intermediaries providing discounted rates for the same hotel booking. We can certainly get a great deal on hotel booking but it can be a bit tricky as there are many people out there looking for best deals and so mostly, such deals are exhaustedsoon.

But still, here’s what we can do to get the maximum discount on our hotel bookings:

  • Virtual wallets:

Nowadays, maximum online businesses have virtual wallet system setup in the user’s account wherein they offer amazing deals if the payment is made through the money added on their portal. This is one of the ways to get a good discount on your hotel bookings.

  • Coupon code:

Almost all of the online travel companies have this scheme of issuing a coupon code using with the user can get either a certain percentage of discount or a flat amount of discount.

  • New user:

Online travel businesses today are growing at rocket speed and this is because their user base is growing by leaps and bounds. This is because they offer heavy discounts to new customers. So if you have yet not registered with an online travel booking company, you might be in for a great deal with your first booking with them. For example, if you are searching for best Mumbai hotel deals or hotels near Mumbai airport then you can easily register with online travel portals and get a list of the best hotels in Mumbai at a click.

  • Bank discounts:

Many banks have tie-ups with these online travel companies and they offer discounts or cash backs when booking is done using the debit/credit card of that particular bank. You can leverage on this scheme as well.

  • Festive discounts:

During festivals, we get great discounts on almost everything and we are on a spending spree. Festive discounts are a perfect time to make most of the available discounts.

  • Off-season:

One of the smart things to do for getting a good discount is to book your hotel during the off-season. Not only will you get a good discount, but you might also get complimentary add-ons as well.

  • Book well in advance:

Last minute rush costs you much more than the usual rate. And sometimes, you might have to pay double the price. If you have already planned your holiday/vacation; the wise thing to do here is to book your hotel well in advance. This will also give you a lot of time to research for the best deal available for your hotel booking.

These were some pointers to help you to grab the best discounts deals on your hotel bookings and making the most out of the existing deals out there.

Dominic Joseph

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