If you are spending time in downtown San Jose there is a plethora of attractions to experience.  Whether you love art, music, nature or technology downtown San Jose, the 3rd largest city in California has it all. If you are looking for the best hotel in downtown San Jose, look no further than The Arena Hotel in Downtown San Jose.  It’s located right in the middle, two short blocks from the SAP Center.

Here are some of the attractions to consider during your visit to San Jose, California.

  1. Located in downtown San Jose, the Children’s Discovery Museum has been entertaining Bay Area children for over 25 years. Its purple exterior and massive yellow duck on the roof indicate the wonders that inside. This children’s museum encourages children to learn about the world via hands-on exploration. Children love sending plastic balls through a series of waterways, transforming water into giant bubbles, making corn husk dolls and serving play food at the Rainbow Market.
  1. Explore The Winchester Mystery House

The story is so famous all the locals know it by heart: An eccentric heir to an American rifle fortune and widow, is tortured by the horrors wrought by the weapon. She becomes convinced that building a maze like house will keep her safe and, if construction stops, the spirits will find and kill her. The result of her delusion is the Winchester Mystery House, a testament to her madness paranoia. It is not only something to marvel at because of its sheer scale but more so because of its unusual features. Not all 2,000 doors can be walked through, staircases lead straight to ceilings, and there are countless secret passages. Hours of fun and intrigue await at this San Jose iconic attraction.

The Winchester House story is featured in the 2018 film Winchester.

  1. Art Lovers Love Downtown San Jose

There is so much for the art lover in San Jose. There are gorgeous street murals with modern and contemporary art exhibits at the San Jose Museum of Art.  There are also hip art galleries in the South First neighborhood. Some of the cool spots you may want to include, MACLA (Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana), Anno Domini, and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

  1. San Jose is for Music Lovers

Downtown San Jose has an abundance of live music and theater venues, including the beautifully restored 1927 California Theatre, home of Opera San Jose and Symphony Silicon Valley.   The SAP center is a short walk from The Arena Hotel, a fabulous boutique hotel in downtown San Jose, and has many national acts performing throughout the year. This is also where the San Jose Sharks play.  Go Sharks!

  1. Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

Happy Hollow is part zoo, part playground and part amusement park, what could be better than that?!. Located in San Jose’s Kelley Park, this large complex is the perfect place for family entertainment. The zoo features over 150 animals and zoo keepers allow visitors to get up close with select animals as well as a petting zoo for children. The play area features amusement park rides for kids including a carousel and the ever-popular Danny the Dragon storybook land ride.  But don’t leave without catching a performance at the puppet theater!

Downtown San Jose is a extremely diverse city to visit in both its heritage, people and attractions. Our best advice when visiting to make the most of your stay, is to stay right in heart of it all at a downtown San Jose hotel. We recommend the The Arena Hotel, clean, friendly, newly renovated and close to everything!

Dominic Joseph

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