Going for a family holiday is one of the best ways to strengthen your bonds and make unforgettable memories. However, choosing the best holiday destination for your family may be hard since there are so many countries that are great family holiday destinations.

This article has made the task of choosing the best holiday destination for your family easier by compiling the top five family holiday destinations.

Here are the best destinations to visit with your kids as compiled by cheap holidays UK.


Canada is the largest country in the world, this makes it difficult to travel around and visit all its region in one trip. However, this should not discourage you from visiting this country with your family. You can visit Banff National Park and soak up the sun, walk on a glacier, and check out some of the most spectacular lakes you can ever see. You can also check out the Assiniboine Park Zoo and visit the rescued Polar bears. Canada offers travel adventure opportunities for every family.


When people think of France, they immediately think of Paris, but this country offer more than the breathtaking architecture. Paris is an ideal destination for a family holiday. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, Notre Dame, and Louvre with your family. Don’t forget to explore the chateaus and canvas of the Dordogne and Côte d’Azur beach. You should also check out the lavender fields and Roman ruins of Provence, and the history lessons found along the coast of Normandy.

  1. USA

The United States of America is one of the best family vacation destinations.  It is ideal for a family vacation since it is a country made for road trips and road trips can be the easiest way to travel with your kids. The USA is also full of top family destinations and attractions. There are plenty of aquariums, beaches, zoos, and many other family-friendly attractions.

There are so many places to visit in the USA that you can visit with your kids. These include the Disneyland Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, etc.

  1. SPAIN

Spain is an ideal holiday destination for kids. Kids are welcome anywhere- museums, shops, restaurants, cafes, and playgrounds are in every corner. Spain is not only a super family-friendly destination, but it is also rich in culture and energy. You can visit Costa Dorada with the kids, this resort has kid-friendly hotels and plenty of activities for all ages. You can also check out the PortAventura Theme Park. Relax with your family on paradisiac beaches in the Balearic Islands or explore Madrid and its nearby treasures such as Avila, Toledo, and Segovia.


Finland is a country in the northern part of Europe. It is quickly becoming among the top travel destinations for families with kids. It offers you once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit Santa’s village and ride in a reindeer sleigh. There are so many places you can explore in Finland. You can visit the Olavinlinna Castle and Spy Museum. Try the Husky safari as well. Särkänniemi complex in Tampere is also an ideal place to visit with the kids because of its amusement park, aquarium, observation tower, planetarium, and arcade. So basically there is something for everyone.

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