All the Reasons You Should Rent a Mini RV

Jul 10, 2018

Mini RV rentals have become popular among traveling groups and families. They are more affordable and can easily fit multiple passengers and their luggage. They can also be useful if you’re on a tight budget. Also, you won’t have to worry about trying to squeeze everyone into a small car. There are many reasons to rent a mini RV for your holiday, such as saving money, traveling in comfort, and spending more time together with your family or friends.

Easy to Drive

Visibility is increased due to mini RVs being low to the ground. This also makes parking easier. They are also just the right length to fit into a parking space just about anywhere. Backing is also easier with increased visibility and smaller turning radius.

Petrol Efficiency

Mini RVs get better petrol efficiency than larger RVs and they can help you save money while sticking to your budget. This can be useful when you’re driving a lot or traveling long distances.


If it’s a camping or outdoor trip you’re planning, you can enjoy the wonders of nature in a more comfortable environment than you would have staying in a tent. Mini RVs come with a kitchen that includes a stove and fridge, living and dining areas, running water, air conditioning, and fold-out beds.

Bonding Time

They are great for families who want to spend some time together. Without modern technology there to distract you, you will have more time on your hands to spend with your loved ones. They are also great for groups of friends who want to get away and enjoy each other’s company. No matter who you are traveling with, renting a mini RV is certain to bring you closer together.


With mini RV rental, you can change locations any time you desire. It also allows you to see different sights and areas without being stuck in one location. With the freedom to travel, you can be spontaneous in your adventures.


Mini RVs are more expensive than a tent but are cheaper than renting a house or hotel room. You can also save money on taxis and petrol. Additionally, with the ability to cook, you will be able to save money on food as well.

Chance to Get Away From the Modern World

Renting a mini RV gives you a chance to get away from electronic devices that we cling to in our everyday lives. Spend some time without the Internet and relax without the pressure of technology. This can help you form deeper bonds with your family and friends.

There are several benefits that come from renting a mini RV for your holiday. You won’t have to worry about renting a hotel room or catching a taxi with the freedom that comes with an RV. Mini RVs include many features that can make your outdoor holiday more enjoyable than it would be if you decided to stay in a tent. Additionally, traveling in a RV can help you form closer bonds with your friends and family.

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5 Smart Ways to Use your Frequent Flier Air Miles

Jul 6, 2018

Have you accumulated a lot of airline frequent flier miles? Wondering what’s the best way to use them? Find out now, how you can get the most benefit out of your airline miles.

There are different types of frequent fliers, the business class, the vacationing class, and the ones who are hungry for air miles. The ones who look for air miles are math whizzes, who take the time to read the fine print of an airline frequent flier programme and are the best in getting the most value out of the system. They are avid point collectors and often travel in business class, not by paying money out of pocket, but by letting their miles pay for them.

Today, in this article, you can find some of the best tips from air miles lovers on how to spend your frequent flier miles to derive the most benefit.

  1. Book a Flight

Though this may sound obvious, one of the best ways to use your accumulated miles is to redeem them on reward flights for your upcoming trips. If you have sufficient miles in your account, you can even fly business or first class, without getting stuck in coach.

One point to note here is that before you redeem your miles for a reward ticket, check out the counter price of the ticket. Does it make sense to pay for it out of pocket or is it too steep that redeeming miles works out better? This simple planning can help you put your miles to the best use.

  1. Upgrade your Cabin

Most airlines offer a whole array of perks and benefits for those travelling in business/first class – priority check-in and boarding, gourmet meals, better seat pitch, travel amenity kits, in-flight entertainment, flat seats with bedding, and many more.

You can use your accumulated miles to upgrade and enjoy a whole new style of flying.

  1. Gift your Miles

Can’t find the ideal gift for your friend who’s getting married? Want to gift something different than the regular gift cards and vases? How about gifting frequent flier miles?

Yes, you can gift your miles to other programme members, who can then use these miles to redeem for free award tickets. And, doesn’t that make for an excellent gift that your friend will cherish for years to come?

  1. Shop with Miles

Don’t have an upcoming trip? Then, why not use your accumulated miles to shop at your favourite store? Whether you’re looking to buy the latest gadget in the market or any other purchase, your miles can be redeemed for a wide array of merchandise.

This is a great way to use your miles if they are about to expire and you don’t have time to take a trip. Alternatively, if you have just a small stash of miles, the best way to use them is to shop for your preferred merchandise.

  1. Donate your Miles to Charity

If you have a cause that you’re passionate about, then you can donate your air miles to the cause. Several charities use your miles to buy airline tickets for sick kids, wounded war veterans, and more.

This is a great way to use those miles that are about to expire. Instead, of letting them go waste, you’re making a huge difference in someone’s life.

There are plenty of ways to put your frequent flier miles to the maximum use. Consider the strategies listed here and choose the one that works to your benefit.

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