Ski holidays in Beaver Creek

Dec 26, 2018

A mountain Village in Colorado- Beaver Creek homes Beaver Creek Ski resort. It is away from all the noises of crowd. The Beaver Creek Ski resort is a bit smaller than Vail and is having perfect natural as well as machine groomed snow. For a relaxed, well- managed, and organized ski holiday, Beaver creek resort is a priority for many families.

Beaver creek is a very luxury Ski resort offering calmness and privacy to the visitors. As the resort is located in Colorado, it can be easily accessed via Interstate 70.

Ski Statistics for Beaver Creek

The Beaver Creek Ski Resort ensures the visitors a lot of Skiing opportunities for amateurs, intermediates, and professional skiers. The Ski resort also ensures a quality Skiing experience as the resort is having Snow machines.

In simple words, The Beaver Creek Ski resort is a family friendly ski resort. The resort offers amazing opportunities for beginners, intermediate, and professionals. The Buckaroo Bowl- green beginners slope, is there to enable the amateurs enjoy the skiing experience. Once the beginners are comfortable then they can practice the beginner’s slope through Haymedow Express. Near the Ski School, the Centennial Express allows the beginners to have access to the well- structured and well groomed slopes and amazing views.

Few options are also there for intermediate skiers. Some of the best Ski fields for intermediate Skiers include the Larkspur Bowl, The Redtail, and the Centennial. Many blue- marked slopes are situated in the Bachelor Gulch Area. The greatest benefit at Bachelor Gulch Area is that it is away from crowd and the skiers can enjoy their skiing on their own. And if you are having three appropriately pitched and extensive trials then the Larkspur Bowl area is perfect for you.

The 1800 Vertical feet of Mogul Trails of the Grouse Mountain challenges the expert and professional Skiers. Other Ski fields for advanced skiers are Falcon Park, the Bald Eagle, and osprey. And if you have already conquered all these then you must go for skiing down the lift line of the Peregrine towards the Bird of Prey Express.

Beaver Creek: Nightlife and after ski

If you are looking for amazing beer in a comfortable bar after having a long day at Skiing then Beaver Creek has got something to end your hunt.

The Vail Ski Resort is famous for long night partying, amazing drinks, and appetizers.

 You can enjoy your drinks in one of the most popular bars in Beaver Creek- the Dusty Boot Roadhouse Saloon.  Beaver Creek is having many other places too to serve your needs such as Coyote Café, Hooked Bar, and Beano’s Cabin.

Other activities in Beaver Creek

Beaver creek is filled with many other off the slope activities as well. You can enjoy the beauty of mountains, Snow mobile tours, snow tubing, and many more. You can also enjoy theatre. Beaver Creek is also famous for freshly baked cookies, Ice skating, and The Family Fun fest Carnival.  So besides skiing, there are many other fun- filled things to enjoy in Beaver Creek.

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A Family Travel Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Your Dubai Escapade

Dec 12, 2018

Dubai is one of the most sought-after city destinations among travelers from across the globe because it never stops to surprise visitors with its natural and man-made wonders. Indeed, there are plenty of things to see and do in this city, especially if you are traveling with your family. So if you’re still thinking about which place to visit this coming holiday, choose Dubai!

Read further to discover how to get the most out of your family trip, from the best time of year to visit to the best family resort hotels in Dubai to stay in, plus some must-try experiences.

When to Visit

The best time to go to Dubai for a family vacation is during the winter months, which is from November to March. During these months, the weather is not too hot for exploring the stunning beaches and other superb sights Dubai has to offer.

Where to Stay

Dubai is home to luxurious yet affordable hotels that are sure to make you feel at home. Here are two of the best hotels to consider:

1. JA Oasis Beach Tower

Located on The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residences or JBR, this is a luxury beach hotel apartment that offers an unparalleled standard of living no matter how long you want to stay. With the room’s chic interiors and wide living spaces, this is definitely one of the best choices for families visiting Dubai. Also, it offers plenty of dining options to satisfy your family’s cravings.

Moreover, this beach hotel apartment offers leisure facilities and activities. These include:

●      JA Fitness

This is a complimentary workout gym offering fitness enthusiasts great views of The Walk at JBR’s waterfront promenade and beach. Here, you’ll find cross trainers, spinner bikes, treadmills, stair climbers, and stationary bikes. If you want to focus on toning your muscles, they also have a separate weights room.

You can actually request for a certified personal trainer to help you out. Furthermore, this fitness facility has a sauna and steam room where you can relax and rejuvenate after a tiring workout routine.

●      Kids’ Play Areas

While you are busy working out, you can let your kids (ages eight to 16) engage in exciting activities in the play areas located on the hotel’s second floor. The facilities offer craft making, painting, board games, a Wii, and a PlayStation. Don’t worry about your kids while they are in this indoor kids’ club because they will be supervised by childcare specialists.

2. JA Ocean View Hotel

Also located at the Walk at JBR, this five-star property offers plenty of accommodation, recreational, entertainment, and dining possibilities that are perfect for families. It has sea-facing rooms and suites that are fitted with a balcony. And with its beachfront location, expect to truly experience a high standard of gastronomical excellence when you dine in one of the hotel’s top restaurants.

Recreational facilities and activities your family can take advantage of when you stay in this luxurious hotel include:

●      Calm Spa

This spa offers a haven of tranquillity for those who are looking for a peaceful retreat for rejuvenation and rebalancing purposes. Both ladies and gentlemen can receive bespoke therapeutic treatments here, which include hot stone, Swedish, aromatherapy, Thai, reflexology, and deep tissue massage techniques. In fact, you can also try their complimentary services, including access to their steam and sauna facilities, Jacuzzi, and relaxation room.

●      Speedflex

Speedflex is the latest revolutionary fitness program that originated from the UK. This circuit training session lasts for 45 minutes, with the aim to help you burn as many calories as possible in a short period of time. JA Ocean View Hotel is the only authorized health club that can offer this state-of-the-art technique for getting healthy and fit in Dubai.

What to Do

Dubai never runs out of exciting activities that every family member can engage in . Here are some of the must-try experiences you should sign up for on your trip to Dubai.

JA Bateaux Dubai dinner cruise

This is a memorable experience that combines entertainment, a gourmet dinner, personalized service, and sightseeing along the Dubai Creek in a sleek, glass-enclosed interior vessel. This Dubai Creek dinner cruise offers a wide range of promotions and special discounts, such as the Sundowners Sightseeing cruise and the Romantic Dinner cruise.

And if you choose to stay at any of the two above-mentioned family hotels, you can get a discount to this dinner cruise, along with free transportation to the boat.

Play on OliOli

Launched in 2017, OliOli is an interactive museum for children ages two to 11. Some of the activities your kids can engage in include creating 3D artwork models and launching rockets. If your child is a toddler, there is a gallery they can visit to stimulate their sense of wonder and curiosity.

Bollywood Parks

Discover your inner star or dance to the tune of Bollywood music and films at the first Bollywood-themed amusement park in the world. This offers a day filled with performances, music, rides, and more. For more exciting and unforgettable moments, you can head down to the Motiongate and Legoland parks.

A family vacation in Dubai is definitely something you will cherish for the rest of your life. To get the most out of your family travel, make sure to visit when the temperature is not too hot, stay in one of the best family hotels, and engage in the unique family experiences Dubai has to offer.

AUTHOR BIO :- Thomas Grundner is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for JA Resorts & Hotels. He has more than 20 years of expertise in the hospitality and leisure industry – across international markets including Germany, Egypt and Spain. Grundner oversees all sales, marketing and revenue efforts as the company continues to build on its key growth and development strategies and further cultivates its unique blend of “Heartfelt Hospitality” and “Casual Luxury.”

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Dec 1, 2018

Baylor University (贝勒大学)in Waco, central Texas. Founded in 1845, it is the oldest one in the state of Texas. Covering an area of 735 acres, it is a world-renowned private research university and the world’s largest Baptist University. The school is renowned for its high-quality teaching, affordable tuition and value. Baylor University has a first-rate learning environment, rich academic resources and a laboratory building with many cutting-edge technologies. Baylor University is proud to be a quality international school with students from 71 different countries. Baylor University graduates have achieved success in many different fields. Some of them have become famous actors and editors, some have become Olympic champions or professional athletes, and there are countless founders and outstanding lawyers etc.

Do international students require to have Health insurance?

International students on an F1 visa do not have any government related health insurance requirements to meet when studying in the USA. With this in mind, and because having adequate health insurance is so important, F1 visa holders and their dependents should follow the insurance guidelines set by their school.

Some institutions will require all their international students to buy school-sponsored insurance coverage (also known as 留学生保险) , while others will allow these students to purchase a plan of their own choosing. Regardless of the health insurance requirements that your school may have, be sure to remember that purchasing appropriate insurance is the only way to protect against unforeseen medical bills.

What kind of Material I need for H1b application?

Before going to get your H1B visa Processed (also known as  H1b签证), make sure you have these documents (also known as h1b 签证材料)  on-hand and ready to go:

  • DS-160 Barcode Confirmation
  • The letter of the appointment schedule
  • Original H1B Visa approval notice (I-797 Form)
  • The petition for nonimmigrant worker (I-129)
  • H classification supplement to form I-129
  • H-1B data collection and filing fee exemption supplement
  • Labor condition application for H1B & H1B1 nonimmigrants
  • H-1B Visa petition letter, which your employer provides for you
  • Employment verification letter
  • Pay stubs for at least last 3 months (if you were working on H1B)
  • Monthly bank statements (last 3 months), Bank of America provides immigration letter
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How to get best deals on hotel bookings

Nov 28, 2018

Hotel booking has never been easier and with abundant options and numerous platforms for booking, it is like a race for the best deal and the amount of discounts we receive nowadays is crazy. Direct booking of the hotel has been greatly reduced due to the increased number of intermediaries providing discounted rates for the same hotel booking. We can certainly get a great deal on hotel booking but it can be a bit tricky as there are many people out there looking for best deals and so mostly, such deals are exhaustedsoon.

But still, here’s what we can do to get the maximum discount on our hotel bookings:

  • Virtual wallets:

Nowadays, maximum online businesses have virtual wallet system setup in the user’s account wherein they offer amazing deals if the payment is made through the money added on their portal. This is one of the ways to get a good discount on your hotel bookings.

  • Coupon code:

Almost all of the online travel companies have this scheme of issuing a coupon code using with the user can get either a certain percentage of discount or a flat amount of discount.

  • New user:

Online travel businesses today are growing at rocket speed and this is because their user base is growing by leaps and bounds. This is because they offer heavy discounts to new customers. So if you have yet not registered with an online travel booking company, you might be in for a great deal with your first booking with them. For example, if you are searching for best Mumbai hotel deals or hotels near Mumbai airport then you can easily register with online travel portals and get a list of the best hotels in Mumbai at a click.

  • Bank discounts:

Many banks have tie-ups with these online travel companies and they offer discounts or cash backs when booking is done using the debit/credit card of that particular bank. You can leverage on this scheme as well.

  • Festive discounts:

During festivals, we get great discounts on almost everything and we are on a spending spree. Festive discounts are a perfect time to make most of the available discounts.

  • Off-season:

One of the smart things to do for getting a good discount is to book your hotel during the off-season. Not only will you get a good discount, but you might also get complimentary add-ons as well.

  • Book well in advance:

Last minute rush costs you much more than the usual rate. And sometimes, you might have to pay double the price. If you have already planned your holiday/vacation; the wise thing to do here is to book your hotel well in advance. This will also give you a lot of time to research for the best deal available for your hotel booking.

These were some pointers to help you to grab the best discounts deals on your hotel bookings and making the most out of the existing deals out there.

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7 Most Beautiful Island to Visit in Greece

Nov 24, 2018

If you are going on a vacation, the Greece islands should be your first destination. Every island in Greece is unique in its way. There are many islands in Greece, and all of them are charming. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon getaway, family holiday or if you want to enjoy the nightlife, you will find the best Greece island which will suit all your needs and desires. You can book hotels or pay for a flight through the Opodo website. Let’s look at some of the most spectacular Greece islands you should visit.

  • Kos Island

The Kos island is located near the coasts of turkey. It’s also the second most popular island in the Dodecanese. Some spots in the Kos island are well organized while others are secluded away from the mass tourism. The kos town has a mixture of Ottoman and Vietan architecture with interesting sightseeing such as the ancient Agora, Medieval castle, and the popular Asklepieion a healing centre from long ago.

  • Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece and its filled with fantastic beaches, hikes, historical sites, and different small cities. The city of Crete is considered to be one of the oldest cities dating back to the 700bc. Ensure that you try to have a taste of the towns local delicacy, a plate of snails fried, steamed or grilled.

  • Santorini

One of the most breath-taking and romantic islands in Greece is Santorini. If you only have limited time and you have to visit one island in Greece, make it be Santorini. You will get boat tours, wine tours, visit amazing restaurants and hotels. Also, you can go to see the famous red beach, an ancient village known as Arkotiri and black sand beaches.

  • Naxos

If you are traveling to Greece with your family, the Naxos island would be the best destination. The Naxos island is the most family-friendly island in Greece. You can go and explore the inland villages and great beaches. The main town in Naxos has many taverns which make some of the best dishes in the Greek islands.

  • Rhodes

One of the best islands for sightseeing is the Rhodes islands. Some of the historical sights which you might want to view include the castle of Kritinia and the Colossus a 30m statue of the sun god Helios.

  • Cephalonia

Cephalonia is an island in Greece which offers various activities for one to do. The best places to visit in the Cephalonia island include the Mellisani cave, Myrtos beach, Argostoli Archaeology museum, Fiscardo village and the ancient Acropolis.

  • Zakynthos

The Navagio beach on the island of Zakynthos is one of the most photographed beaches in Greece by travel influencers. Some of the other beautiful beaches to visit are Tsivili and Gerakas. Gerakas is home to a large number of nesting turtles. The island is great for families, and it has a variety of waters sports to offer.

You are guaranteed to get everything you are looking for in the Greece islands if you use Opodo website. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon getaway, family vacation or you want to tour the islands in Greece.

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If you are Thinking of Migrating to Australia

Nov 21, 2018

Australia is a massive country with a relatively small population, which is steadily growing, aided in part by immigrants coming from around the world to live and work, with an opportunity in time to become permanent residents and citizens. Many arrive as foreign staff for a local subsidiary, while others come seeking work in a range of industries, including mining, offshore oil and gas and fishing. Contrary to some beliefs, Australia encourages unskilled as well as skilled migrants, especially if they are prepared to move to regional areas where labour is short. The mining sector for example needs skilled personnel, such as pilots, geologists and trained medical staff, along with labourers, plant operators and truck drivers. Some jobs are highly sought after, while in other areas there simply aren’t enough Australians willing or available to take on the tough jobs. This does not mean though that being granted a visa is a simple task, as Australia has very strict immigration regulations.

Applying for a Visa

It is perfectly acceptable to apply for a migrant visa without any assistance, but the process is lengthy, complicated and arduous, often taking many months to complete. Application fees are relatively costly, and under normal circumstances such fees are nor refunded if your application is rejected. A significant number of applications are delayed or refused, often due to a single error or typo, or simply because a question wasn’t properly understood. This can mean a great deal of time and money gets wasted on a fruitless application. For those who are serious about migrating permanently, utilising the services of an Immigration lawyer makes very good sense.

Immigration Lawyers

Some people seeking to come to Australia make the mistake of assuming that everything will be fairly simple and straightforward, if a little slow, and feel using an immigration lawyer is an unnecessary added expense. Nothing however could be further from the truth. If you are investing in your future, then you need to be doing things absolutely perfectly and ensure your application has the greatest possible chance of success. Because an immigration lawyer does not practice in any other field, he has continuous cases crossing his desk every day, and is absolutely up to date with every single change in the rules. They know how to comb through your submission and can spot and correct any problem before it is submitted, dramatically improving your chances of being successful.

Understanding Australia

Opportunities for migrants exist nationwide, though it is in Western Australia where a significant number lie. One of the most important aspects of an application is in understanding a little bit about the country, the climate, which can be quite extreme in the middle of summer, along with the geographical nature of where the jobs for which you are suitably qualified are located. Perth especially is a marvellous city, with its infrastructure built with the long term future in mind, meaning even at busy times of day, traffic jams are a rarity. Australia offers great opportunities for those looking to carve out a new life for themselves, as many who have applied successfully have discovered.

Opening a dialogue with an immigration lawyer is a sensible first step in understanding the country, the culture and above all the requirements to help your application be a successful one.

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Antarctica cruise guide that you need to consider before your holidays

Sep 28, 2018

Antarctica access is generally the southern tip of the South American mainland, either from Chile or Argentina, depending on your passenger and vessel. You have 6 more days to be able to make sure that your cabin is comfortable and the public sector will be tailored to your taste and needs. The ships I personally selected have the best shipping tools, and these distant waters have the strongest ice holes for tourism.

This shape also works because all vehicles selected by me are operated with the Antarctica cruise Guide which limits of up to 100 people at a time. By choosing a ship with about 100 passengers of the ship or the ship, you will increase the time between penguins and seal settlers.

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What Should You Know About Whale Watching?

Sep 23, 2018

There are so many vacation choices available for people to choose from. If you want solitude and time to yourself, staying at home or renting out a cabin might be suitable for you. Some people enjoy their vacations with their friends or family in order to spend time with them. Other people enjoy staying outside at a campsite whereas other people prefer to stay inside. Some people might choose to travel far away while other people might stick to travelling locally. However, there is one type of vacation that can remain fun no matter how old you are: whale watching. Whale watching can provide an unforgettable experience for any one of any age. Before you choose to go whale watching, though, you should first understand what exactly whale watching can entail.

What Is Whale Watching?

As the name might suggest, Sydney whale watching involves going on a boat out into the ocean in the hopes of spotting some whales. People of all ages can enjoy whale watching. For younger children, seeing a whale for the first time can be a mesmerising experience. As people grow older, it can still be fascinating to watch the enormous, majestic whales in their natural habitat. It can also be fun to learn more about whales and why they do what they do. For example, a major part of whale watching is looking out for specific behaviours that the whales exhibit and understanding what they mean. If you see the whale’s tail slap the water, known as a tail slap, it is often a warning issued by the whale. Other behaviours, such as pectoral fin slapping, are believed to be a means of communication between whales. It can also serve as a way to remove any parasites from the pectoral fins. Another behaviour that you might see is known as the “tail fluke up dive” and it can be seen as the underside of the whale’s tail appearing out of the water and slowly rolling in an upward arch underwater as the whale dives deeper.

The most iconic whale watching behaviour that people want to see is known as breaching. This is when the whale uses its tail to propel itself out of the water, landing with an enormous splash. Breaching is believed to be a method of communication or perhaps a way for the whale to rid its whole body of parasites. It is not quite fully understood by professionals but everybody can understand that it is one of the most desired parts of whale watching. Despite the appeal that whale watching might have, you will have to keep several things in mind.

What Should You Know?

Professionals who work on whale watching tours cannot control the whales. There might be a chance that you can see every behaviour that a whale exhibits but there is also a chance that you might not see anything. After all, whales are creatures with minds of their own. Being able to watch them act naturally in their habitat is a chance that many people do not get particularly often in their lives. If you have the chance to go whale watching, you should take it as it can be an experience that you might never forget.

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Activities For Tampa Residents

Sep 11, 2018

Residing in The sunshine state has got some obvious benefits. Year-round outdoor adventures. Easy access to the ocean to the East along with the Gulf. Naturally, Disney in central Florida. But, you would like more to do for either yourself or with your family, and you also hunt locally for the activities. So, relocate Florida, Tampa FL is an excellent option.

When you live in Tampa you will have quick access to great culture, cuisine, and events. Tampa’s Down Town is busy with activities and destinations. Check out some of what Tampa Florida can provide.

For young families, the galleries and museums in Tampa offer you great destinations. Some are in easy reach of each other, or Uber rides (water taxies or cars). Beginning with your kids, The Glaser Children’s Museum is a fantastic destination to keep your youngsters engaged and fascinated. What coastal location could be complete without a maritime museum? Tampa’s American Victory Ship Mariners Museum fits the bill. Obviously, there is the Tampa Museum of Art as well as other galleries and museums. If you’re looking to spend a day at museums, Tampa is going to supply the experience for everyone.

Seeking various performing arts? Tampa has you covered. From orchestral events, opera, and theatre, you can experience them all in the city. Have a look at Opera Tampa, the Florida Orchestra, or Rialto Theater. Don’t forget about the the David Falk Theatre at the University of Tampa. The performing arts are all around in Tampa, so go down and watch.

Perhaps just being outdoors is really what you are looking for. Tampa has waterfront parks that will be likely to give you the enjoyment you are searching for. Lots of the parks are accessible from the Tampa River Walk. Start out with the Cotanchobee Ft Brooke Park along the Garrison Channel, then wander following the River Walk to the west towards the USF State Park. Proceed north towards Kiely Gardens and the Curtis Hixon Park. Across the Hillsborough River is the University of Tampa and the Plant Park, a great destination to relax with the family.

When families move to Tampa a terrific city opens to them. From arts and entertainment to dining establishments and outdoor actions, there is no shortage of activities. Those who have lived in the area some time have definitely encountered the many wonderful things Tampa has to offer. Past the year-around warmth and easy accessibility to the water, Tampa presents culture, activities, and dining establishments to impress every person. Come to visit Tampa, then plan your move to stay.

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Five reasons to choose a transfer to the airport

Sep 11, 2018

Despite the fact that dozens of taxi services are ready to immediately rush to a call to the airport, the transfer service is much more profitable and convenient. More and more people, arriving in an unfamiliar city, prefer to book a transfer to the airport instead of an ordinary taxi. There are five obvious reasons for this.

Wide choice of transport

Transfer companies offer a wide range of vehicles, comfortable cars, and minivan for 6-12 seats, standard buses for 14-30 people, as well as buses that can carry from 48 to 75 people. This makes the transfer to the airport convenient for people who travel by themselves, as well as for small companies, delegations and tourist groups.

Pre order facility

Arriving in a foreign city, very few people know the current rates for taxis and routes. After a long flight, you have hardly any strength left to know these rules. Moreover, many unscrupulous taxi drivers are trying in every possible way to make money on visitors, they overestimate the price, they are driven a long way when there is a shorter route. Taxis cannot be booked in advance. Anyway, you will have to wait for the car to arrive. Advantages of the transfer are that you order the car in advance in a company with a good reputation, which this reputation treasures.

Saving money

When ordering a car on to the airport, you save money. It may seem that the transfer service will cost more. But if you are traveling by group, it is more advantageous to order one minibus instead of two taxis. In addition, when ordering a taxi, you pay for the supply and kilometers, so you cannot calculate the costs in advance. When ordering a transfer, the final amount is agreed, which depends on the type of machine and the time of its use.

Save time

Airports are often located some distance from the city center. If you’re lucky, a taxi will come right away, but if all the cars of the services known to you are occupied, then the waiting may be delayed. As already mentioned, the transfer will wait for you on the spot. When you hurry to a meeting or simply do not want to spend such a valuable resource on waiting, the transfer will be the best solution.

Conclusion: Confidence and comfort

The drivers of the transfer companies know the city like their own five fingers. Be sure that you will not get lost, you will not be transported by complex and long routes, you can enter the places you want to visit on the way, and the trip itself will take place in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Your task is to choose the right company, which will have a deservedly good reputation, arrange you with service prices and a fleet of vehicles.

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