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If you ever visited Zurich in your life then you must be aware of the atmosphere the place offers. It is a wonderful place with amazing people who are endearing and offer a warm gesture to tourists.

When you hear of Zurich, all that comes to mind is skiing, chocolates and beautiful mountains that look so pleasing.

There are some things which one may not have ever heard of, but would be interesting to know in order to enhance the experience of your trip.

Here look at 5 amazing things about Zurich before you plan your visit to this mesmerizing place :-

  1. Largest church clock face in europe

The clock was built in 1504 which is a part of St Peter church located in downtown Zurich. It stands tall with the diameter of 8.7m. This clock is one the oldest and hidden gem of history for which lot of people from europe just come to get a glance of it once when they are in Zurich.

  1. Largest city of Switzerland

Yes! It is the largest city of Switzerland with the population of over 400,000. Where most of the metropolitan areas usually have population close to 2 million Zurich makes for a very stable population. Bern is the official and unofficial capital of Switzerland which has a population of 1,40,000 only.

  1. Fountains for drink

There are almost 1454 fountains in entire area which means if in case you forgot the water bottle at hotel room or home. you don’t need to spend money on purchasing water from some shop. You will find fountains everywhere those have drinkable water, the taste of water is very sweet and tasty.

  1. Zurich lake frozen twice before

The last century proved to be a coldest season of Zurich as the place has witnessed frozen lakes twice. One was during the season of winter in 1927 while the other was in the season between 1962-1963. The Switzerland has always experienced snowfall even till the date you will find most of the cities in Switzerland bit colder than other countries. It is the best place if you love to do skiing at mountains.

  1. Nothing museum

Zurich has a museum dedicated to displaying nothing. The purpose of museum is to show “nothing” in order to prove that nothing can overpass the art even after such drastic changes and advancement. The concept is something that you can’t understood easily but can only get when you see from your own eyes and gain perspective. It has invisible sculptures, blank canvas, empty rooms, etc.

Undoubtedly, Zurich is a refreshing and eye pleasing city but planning a trip there does not come cheap. You can cut down the cost of your travel by booking cheapest flight tickets to Zurich. The best way to get that is by booking the flight tickets in advance through sites offering cheap flights.

Dominic Joseph

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